Black Lace Cameo Choker

Oracle Jewelry

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Black Lace Cameo Choker
Black Lace Cameo Choker
Beautiful, carved Vintage style Cameo Jewelry,in fashion jewelry such as Chokers,Necklace,Rings,Brooches,earrings elegant Lockets,handbags,purse,frames and Bracelet.The craftsmanship of these one of a kind unique Cameo pieces make for a great gifts,for birthday and special occasion and make for a lovely keepsakes for women, grandma and young girls, this costume jewelry are complemented in Gold,Bronze,Black and Sliver As a Victorian Queen style pendant ,lace,chain and beaded.
This 30x40,18x25 And 13X18 raised encased Cameo.
Oracle Jewelry Home Of The Cameo.

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