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Oracle Jewelry Home Of The Cameo

Beautiful, carved Vintage style Cameo Jewelry,in fashion jewelry such as Chokers,Necklace,Rings,Brooches,earrings elegant Lockets,handbags,purse,frames and Bracelet.The craftsmanship of these one of a kind unique Cameo pieces make for a great gifts,for birthday and special occasion and make for a lovely keepsakes for women, grandma and young girls, this costume jewelry are complemented in Gold,Bronze,Black and Sliver As a Victorian Queen style pendant ,lace,chain and beaded.
This 30x40 And 13X18 raised encased cameo 

With over Thirty Years experience in making Jewelry, I’ve always been intrigued by the finely sculptured figures and images of the Cameo. They have cast a romantic spell over my imagination for the art of jewelry and a desire that combines them with the modern style of today along with its prestige. In its most general sense, reclaiming a beautiful piece of African history Which has a true meaning for me because my ancestors..


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